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Transfer Fiat Money

Across Border Instantaneously

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Our Vision

Improvised Solution For Remittance To Each Individual

To Provide easy remittance solution to each and every person in the world
from any smart city to any developing village with cost effective and time saving method

The leading provider of the fastest, easiest and cheapest
money transfer to humanity powered by blockchain technology.


Business Architecture

Join the easy way to send and secure global payments
from the comfort of your phone

Mobile Payments

Pay and received lieu smartphone without hassle

UrCoin Exchange

Convert your tokens into cash thru ewire exchange

Easy Cashout

Withdraw cash at affiliated Ewire Merchants

Prompt Remittance

Transfer money across the globe instantly

Borderless & Wide-Ranging

Anyone has access to UrCoin exchange currencies, backed & held in written agreement

A convenient way to manage finances

UrCoin in your hands anytime

  • Manage your cards, make payments and transfers
  • Push notifications for card transactions, trades and the movement of your funds
  • Stay update with UrCoin news

How It Works ?

Take part in the world Economy from the comfort of your phone

Prompt Pay

Top up funds or purchase any currency with click of a button

Global mobile payments

Pay vendors and service providers globally

Pay Out in any currency

Withdraw cash at ATMs, local currency exchanges on our affiliated merchants worldwide


Send Money anywhere instantaneously, or withdraw to your bank account at the cost of a local transaction

QR Code Safety

Just present the code from your phone and receive money instantly

UrCoin Objectives

Give Control To Every Individuals Hand

Access for

As recorded by the worldbank, more than 2 billion individuals without a bank account, UrCoin provides immediate access to international remittance services.

and Expats

In the place of paying excessive conversion fees, UrCoin help visitors in foreign countries can buy and use any currency, anywhere in the world

Migrant workers
and families

UrCoin provides the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way for migrant workers to send money home and sustain their families abroad.

Aid Organizations
NGOs, Governments

By streamlining relief and foreign aid programs, Everex allows for the easy and publicly auditable distribution of funds to developing countries

Simply Add Your UrCoins to Wallet & it is all Ready To Use

Cash out from any ATM.
Transfer of exchange to any country
Shop Online
Visit Local Stores to Purchase

Secret Sauce

How we make it happen


UrCoin transactions are settled Ethereum-based UrCoin currencies. For every Ewire euro, one Euro is held in a publically viewable third-party written agreement. Ewire can be redeemed at will and hence it is value-fixed to its fiat counterpart. Asa result, fiat money can now traverse the globe at the speed of the blockchain.

CashOut and Trade

UrCoin builds a global network of partners and merchants that accept UrCoin transactions as payment, while functioning as cash-out stations at which Ewire can be redeemed against fiat currency. UrCoin remittance services are offered at highly competitive rates and easily out-compete those of credit cards and bank transfers, and hence they present vendors and service providers with enormous incentives to join the network.

Wallet and Blockchain-Browser Technology

In order to make our vision a reality, UrCoin has developed one of the first mobile Ethereum wallets, capable of hosting and transacting UrCoin tokens and browsing blockchain transactions.

Offer Your Customers The Easiest Payment Option

Recieve payment in any amount, from any where in the world

We Are Adding 3 Billion People To The World Economy

Road Map

Which way it is running ?


January 1

2016 Q1 – Intitial Development

Diving deep start drafting brainstorming a commercial model that would benefit consumers and merchants
July 1

2016 Q3

ICO Platform Development Marketing, PR, Advertising, Advisory Board Allocation
October 1

2016 Q4

Strategic Partnerships Logistics & Events Legal Support
January 1

2017 Q1 – Token Sales

Main platform scaling up strategic hiring, team expansion Marketing in designated markets launching business in UK, Asia

Take Part in The World Economy
From The Comfort of Your Phone

Great team

Brains Working Behind










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Our Mission

Fast, Reliable And Secure Way Of Sending & Receiving Payments

Our Mission is to provide world class remittance solutions to unbanked and with no,
or limited access to financial services by applying blockchain technology for
cross-border remittance, online payment,and currency exchange,
without the volatility issues of existing, nonstable coincryptocurrencies.